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Gracie is the new chair for gynecological examinations of superior design and quality workmanship. Characterized by the unprecedented patient comfort, ease of manipulation for doctors and other staff, as well as the implementation of the latest production technology. This chair is designed for gynecological examination – just one click on the tatster on the remote control, this chair for 30 seconds, transforming the flat table for ultrasound examinations.



Extremely low height allows access even less mobile patients to be placed on the chair with ease, without the assistance of staff.

Adjustable position allows the doctor to view the work in comfortable and ergonomic profitable manner.


New integrated position for ultrasound examinations saves space in the doctor’s office and simultaneously reduce the examination time.


New resting place for the legs to be contributing to a feeling of peace that the patient feels relaxed during the examination.


A chair can be moved quickly and easily by using the wheel on the drawing.


Fast horizontal fixing leg resting with femural support provides the most confort possible position for ultrasound.


Fast setting position reduces the time to review medical examination.


The following parameters can be adjusted using a comfortable foot portable wireless controller from anywhere in the doctor’s office: access position, the position of views, ultrasound positions. The absence of wire will increase the security of both doctor and patient, when moving through the clinic.

The available colors are as follows: